Affordable Websites for Small Businesses in Vancouver, WA

I’m a writer and a WordPress junkie. I believe everyone should have a great website if they want one, including freelancers, startups, consultants, home businesses, you name it! jeans&beans was born from the idea of small business owners helping each other succeed.

The Scoop

For years I’ve been hearing from small business owners – sole proprietors, really – that they know they need a web presence but either don’t have time to put up a simple site or they can’t afford the $1500 – $1800 it costs to hire a design firm. Other business owners have vented to me that they paid several hundred dollars to someone who put together half of a website before becoming next to impossible to reach for weeks, even months.

That stops right here, right now.

A Helping Hand

There has to be a middle ground, something between the exorbitant costs of hiring a big firm and wasting hundreds of dollars with someone who sees you as too small or unimportant to actually finish the job.  That’s where I fit in.


First and foremost, I get it that your business is your baby. I care about what means the most to you. I want to see what makes you light up like a Christmas tree when you talk about what you do. I want to get a sense of your personality, as well as the personality of your product or service. When it’s just you,  a website can feel very personal, and you want to be comfortable with your web presence.

Second, I am an Internet user. I am a customer, a client, a reader, a target audience. If I need a product or service, I turn to the World Wide Web for it. When I create websites I do it not only with your business in mind, but also from the perspective of the person who is going to be using your website. My goal is for people to want to settle in and feel relaxed, even relieved that they found you. You don’t need kooky gimmicks to achieve that.

Whether you want a semi-custom, self-hosted website or a standard, out-of-the-box WordPress site set up, I can help you.