How does it all work?

We’ll meet somewhere and talk about what you need and figure out a plan. If you aren’t local, let’s Skype! I take a deposit to begin work , then set up a subdomain to get everything customized on. Final payment will be due before I upload it to your WordPress website.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is tops for users. It’s easy to use, consistent, and extremely versatile. WordPress adheres to strict standards, requiring theme and plugin developers to adhere to those standards also. Millions of websites use WordPress, including a lot of really bigones – check out these WordPress VIP Clients.

What is Genesis?

Genesis is an extremely powerful framework from StudioPress on which beautiful theme templates are built. There are a lot of “techie” reasons why Genesis is such an incredible framework to work with, but what counts for you is the ease of use. Images automatically resize themselves in all the right places and updates (Genesis only) can be set to happen without having to call your developer. The Genesis framework is so trusted you can find their themes all over the WordPress repository. Modern News, Pretty Young Thing, and Luscious are all Genesis child themes from StudioPress.

What is the advantage of having a WordPress website?

There are numerous benefits. First and foremost? Independence. You shouldn’t have to call your “website guy” every time you spot a typo or need to swap out a picture or want to add something new. Depending on your comfort level, taking over your site doesn’t happen overnight, but it should happen. Another benefit is control. Your business is your baby. When people google your name do they get a yellow pages listing and a handful of reviews on a free review site? Owning your domain name and a website ensures that when prospective customers/clients doe a search on your name or your business they see what you want them to see.

Most of my business comes from referrals. Why should I have a website?

I’m going to be brutally honest. When I need a service or a product, I don’t google it and go with one of the first few names that pop up. I research businesses in my area and spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at their websites before I ever pick up the phone. I bookmark sites and go back every few days to familiarize myself a little more. Guess which businesses I don’t bother with? If you said the ones that only come with listings or reviews but no actual website, you guessed correctly.

Granted, nothing comes close to a face-to-face introduction and a handshake or walking into a brick-and-mortar. But I can’t get a good feel for whether or not I even want to speak to somebody if all I have to go on is a handful of unmoderated Yelp reviews.

Just because you rely on word-of-mouth for customers or clientele doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a web presence. In fact, it is precisely why you need one.